* The last appointments of everyday are reserved by the booked appointments, so the time might be different with the Business Hours.
* Pls.before 24 hours to reschedule or cancel appointment, otherwise we will charge the full fee.
* Our clinic does NOT give any duplicate receipts, thank you for your co-operation.

Hiring and News.

1. Registered acupuncturist & Registered Massage Therapists, Full time or part time.
(Pls. call (780)989-8858, or send your resume to

2. Re: Direct billing for massage or acupuncture treatment.

(1) It is the client’s responsibility to check if your insurance plan is active or not, if your plan need physician referral or not, and how much percentage each session your benefit plan cover before your appointment.

(2) You are responsible for any portion not covered by insurance. If you are not sure your coverage, please contact your insurance company before any treatment is performed.

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3. We offer Cupping treatment.

4.Re: Car accident clients. Please give us your claim#, adjuster name, your insurance company phone# at least 7 days before you book your first appointment, because we need the time to confirm the information with your insurance company. Thank you!

5.Re: Great West Life and Sun life insurance companies changed their claim policy for clients whose plan need physician referral.

Since September 1 2016, for those above clients, Great west life requires that only after they received the physical prescription, then they pay your treatment fee.
So for those clients, please pay the fee, then submit your physician prescription and the receipts which the therapists gave you, to Great west life, then Great west life will pay you directly. Next time, after Great west life approved physician prescription, then we can do direct bill for you.

Txt. msg.(780)566-5816 to book an appointment or online booking or call (780)989-8858 to book. Txt. tell us what treatment, what date, what time and length of session, we will reply you soon.

Direct Billing for 18 popular insurance groups.

Attention: For maintenance reason,sometimes the Telus Health Claim Portal close, we are unable to direct bill to some insurance companies,so you have to pay and claim by yourself. We are apologized for the inconvenience!

Before you require us to do direct billing,
(1) Please contact your insurance company to check if your plan need/not need physician prescription for massagetherapy / acupuncture/ physiotherapy.
(2) Please track your benefit balance in case you use more than the amount which your insurance company cover.
(3) If your insurance company is Manu Life finance, please go to their Website to sign in Security Site first here.

I.The below 2 insurance companies have their own claim portals.

  • Alberta Blue Cross (including ASEBP). (Pre-determination) (therapeutic massage & physio) (780 498 8000)
  • Blue Cross Federal Programs(Secure medavie bluecross):
    • Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)(800 261 4033)
    • Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC)(800 661 2168)

II. The below 3 insurance companies have one claim portals through

  • NexgenRx
  • Equitable Life
  • the Co-Operators
    III. Canada Benefits Provider has their own claim portal.
  • Canada Benefits Provider (online claim )(866 944 9167)

    IV.The below 11 insurance companies must be claimed through Telus Health Claim Portal.

    • Great West Life (Pre-determination)(800 957 9777)
    • First Canadian (800 561 3242 or 780467 9575)
    • CINUP (800 665 1234)
    • Chambers of Commerce (Pre-determination)(800 665 3365)
    • Cowan Insurance Group.(866 912 6926)
    • Industrial Alliance.(877 422 6487)
    • Johnson Inc.(866 773 5467)
    • Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group (Pre-determination)(800 893 7587)
    • Standard Life changed to Manu life.(800 268 6195)
    • Sun life Financial.(855 301 4786 #4)
    • Manu life Financial (866 407 7878)(For us to do direct billing for Manulife Financial, you must sign in/register for the Plan Member Secure Site on: )
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