*5% of GST is included in all Therapeutic massage fees

Individual Massage Therapy Sessions including all the modalities

30 minutes$60.00
45 minutes$80.00
60 minutes$90.00
75 minutes$105.00
90 minutes$140.00

Feet Massage Therapy (Feet reflexology) session.

45 minutes$80.00

Package Massage Therapy Sessions

1. There will 5% charge for the remaining amount of the package for any refund,the used portion will be re-
calculated as regular price.
2. We DO NOT split the length of the package. For example, you can not do one 30 minutes treatment and one 60 minutes treatment when you have a 90 minutes package.
3. Any no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of your appointments will be used as one of the treatments in the package.
4. A package holder can see any the therapists in our clinic.
5. The package do not expire, however, over one year from the package purchasing, the price will be adjusted up to date.
6. The package is shareable within the family member at the same address.

5 x 30 minutes ($55.00 per session)$275.00
5 x 45 minutes ($75.00 per session)$375.00
5 x 60 minutes ($85.00 per session)$425.00
5 x 75 minutes ($100.00 per session)$500.00
5 x 90 minutes ($125.00 per session)$625.00

Acupuncture and Cupping Sessions

Acupuncture Treatment (about 45-60 minutes,include assessment)$85.00
Acupuncture with cupping (about 60 minutes)$90.00
Massage with cupping (about 60 minutes)$90.00
Cupping (about 30 minutes)$50.00

*The government does not charge GST for acupuncture treatment.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (car accidents)

Clients who were involved in a motor vehicle accident must visit the primary health care provider (can be physician, chiropractor or physio therapist) to get initial assessment and obtain a copy of insurance statement which includes the claim number, the number of visits allowance, the adjuster’s contact.

Once we have the authorization from your adjuster of your massage therapy/acupuncture, you may book an appointment to start your treatment.

Discontinued physiotherapy (The government does not charge GST)

Regular Initial Assessment including Treatment (60 minutes)$0.00
Regular physiotherapy Treatment (30 minutes)$0.00
Regular physiotherapy treatment + acupuncture (45 minutes)$0.00

Yellowbird massage has currently discontinued physiotherapy.

Yellowbird Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture Centre