As a 64-year-old male, I have done monthly relaxation massage since 1998 and have had many good therapists along the way, but changing over to Yellowbird Massage this year has been the most positive, pleasant choice I have made in some time. Dongxia Wang and her husband are the owners and operators of this fine, courteous, well-run establishment which has several practitioners and offers several massage styles as indicated on their website.

Dongxia is easily the best, most experienced, trained, knowledgeable, hard-working, and trustworthy therapist I’ve had the good fortune to experience in 16 years. She has a very sensitive, intuitive touch and effortlessly locates and removes/relieves blockages and knots. After only two treatments, I am moving, sitting, and walking taller, freer, lighter, and straighter. I can turn my head, neck, and upper torso around to look behind me more easily. The first treatment left me with a positive leftover tingling in my back three weeks later; my other previous treatments have tended to fade usually in one to two weeks.

Ms. Wang is a remarkable person, very personable, and friendly. She also has numerous, similarly loyal, satisfied long-term clients. I would highly recommend her and her business, especially if you are looking for an interesting, remarkable, strong therapist on the city south side.



Happiness is going to Yellowbird Theraputic Massage and Acupuncture Centre.

How do I know this? I am a senior and for the last eleven years I have experienced a relationship with the couple (Dongxia & Qi) who own this facility. Their dedication to their clients, and to their staff is wonderful to observe. Everyone is very professional and their goal to every client is to make sure their visit is a remarkable one.

So amuse yourself by indulging in a wonderful & great therapeutic massage or acupuncture.

You will never regret it and you will feel great!



Great place, great people: well trained with lots and lots of experience, lots of happy repeat clients (like me), and very caring. I have been a client for over ten years and I would rate my care in their hands (literally, in their hands) as excellent.



Yellowbird Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture Centre is a gem tucked away on the south side of Edmonton. Dongxia, registered massage therapist and owner, has relieved pain, increased mobility, bolstered spirits and encouraged a healthier lifestyle for me for eleven years. She has provided professional and caring massage therapy which has enhanced my mobility, decreased discomfort and improved my quality of life. The massage suite is always restful, impeccably clean, and private. The staff are gracious, respectful, discreet and always prompt.



Having tried different clinics in the Edmonton area, the Yellowbird Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture Centre has kept me loyal for the past 5+ years with consistent and professional treatments. Practitioners are friendly, caring & knowledgeable. I confidently recommend this place, you won’t be disappointed.



Yellowbird Therapeutic Massage & Acupuncture Centre
9140 23 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1H9

tel: (780) 989-8858

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